New Year’s Homebrewing Resolutions

, January 9, 2012

Happy 2012 everyone!

I recently saw this very entertaining post on the Serious Eats: Make These 7 Homebrewing Resolutions for 2012.

I enjoyed the resolutions as they are quite well rounded: learn more about beer, make more beer, and always plan ahead. I do enjoy them, but would also like to add a few of my own.

Teach someone else to brew. They say you learn more about doing something by trying to teach someone else how to do it than by doing it yourself, and I for one am ready to try this one. It’s also a great way to spread the love of great beer and make sure that anywhere you go you always have good homebrew to drink!

Brew with an ingredient I’ve never used. I have used a lot of different ingredients over the years, including herbal tea, molasses, and clippings from spruce trees. It always livens things up to go with something you’ve never tried, so go with something different. Be it spices, coffee, candy sugar or a new yeast strain, there is always room to grow.

Finally, have more fun brewing. I know over the last few years I have found myself getting hung up on the mundane tasks you have to perform during this process. This year, I resolve to have more fun during the processes of brewing.

Happy New Year to you and yours from the Nutty Brewer.

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