Southern Hops Brewing Company – LeeRoy Brown

, December 1, 2011

LeeRoy Brown is the Brown Ale offering from the Southern Hops Brewery in Florence, South Carolina. Being a Jim Croce fan, I really like the name of this beer.

Picture of LeeRoy Brown

The sample I tasted was slightly undercarbonated. I suspect that it was bottled from a keg, which would explain this. The beer has a pretty brown color, slightly too dark for a brown ale, but quite pretty. The aroma is very faint, a hint of malt but no hop character at all.

The beer tastes slightly nutty, with low hop bitterness, just enough to balance the maltiness. Body is very thin; I would expect more from this style. There is no appreciate hop flavor, a little would be a nice addition to this beer.

overall, this beer is not bad. My initial impressions weren’t great, but as I took a few more sips, the balance started to come forward. The body is a little weak and the carbonation levels too low, but otherwise I enjoyed the beer.

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