Coming home from an off site brew day

, December 18, 2011

As many of you probably do, I brewed today at a brewing partner’s house. We had a great day, making ten gallon batches of a porter and a stout. It’s really a great system, and is pretty straightforward with a little planning. You do end up loading a fair amount of gear up, but it’s sometimes nice to go work with other people’s brew systems and techniques. I certainly have leaned a lot in my travels this way.

This is great system, but it’s a good idea to follow some basic ground rules. First, and most obvious, go easy on step one (relax, don’t worry, have a homebrew). Have a good time, of course, but always stay safe. If you are bringing your own burner, don’t forget propane. Yup, I learned that one the hard way. Make sure your carboys are clean before you go, although sanitizing them on site is generally simple enough. Plan ahead and make sure you have everything you need – the day will go easier.

As for loading up the carboys on the way home, make sure you get the lids screwed on nice and tight to prevent spilling. Double extra make sure that you loosen them and get the airlock on when you get home. There is nothing worse than letting a sealed carboy ferment for a day or two.

Remember to buckle up.
Carboy full of fresh stout riding home in the front seat

Yes, even in the back seat.
Carboy of porter tightly buckled for the ride home

And remember, it’s always best to keep any sunshine off your beer, particularly if you use lots of hops. At the same time, you can even put yourself in position to use the HOV lane!
Every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed carboy

Happy brewing at your place, your friend’s place, or at the Nutty Brewer’s brewery.

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