Sometimes during the course of your brewing, you have to do a little bit of math. This can be more or less of a challenge for some of us, so I wanted to put some handy calculators here at the tip of your mouse. Mostly, these are calculations that I have need of for one reason or another, and like to have easy access to, but I figured if I needed them, you might be able to use them too.

Brew Day Calculator

Water Volume Input Calculator


Temperature Conversion Calculator
Alcohol by Volume
Hydrometer temperature adjustment

Still to come

The following calculators have not been built yet but should be coming online sooner rather than later. These are some other capailities that will be very cool to have at hand whenever you need them.

Simplified water salt adjustments
Mash Efficiency
Mash in temperature calculator

Recipe calculators

Initial gravity

Unit conversions – Temperature, SG, Volume?

If you have any other calculators that you might be interested in, tell The Nutty Brewer and I’ll see what I can do.

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