About the nutty brewer

The Nutty Brewer is a place for the redneck homebrewer in all of us. I chose the name because of my slightly off-kilter take on the whole brew your own movement. Generally I brew the sorts of stuff in the basically the ways that the majority of brewers do, but sometimes I just throw all that out the window and do what feels right. Whether it be making “hooch” by dumping some yeast in a bottle of fruit juice, bringing a keg of homebrew to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival or taking my gear on the road to brew someplace weird, I like to think I look at it a little bit differently than most.

I started homebrewing in the early 1990s after the time that good craft beer was starting to become available in the US, but still wasn’t available in the variety or quality we have today.  As I look back on what a long, strange trip it’s been, I still marvel at how much the quality, variety, and availability of ingredients and gear have improved. Even while that has been going on, the American brewing tradition has rebounded and practically exploded, so now you can drink amazing American beer all night long without having to make a drop of your own. But hey, who’s to stay you can’t have fun crossing the streams?

This blog is an attempt to do a lot of different things: document my “travels”, maybe help out some new or experienced homebrewers, and just have some fun. Some stuff, notably the calculators, I put on here for my own use, but maybe you can find a use for them as well. Other posts will be about tasting – things that I like or don’t about whatever beer in front of me. But be sure that this space will remain focused on all things fermentation.

When I’m not brewing, I make a living as a software engineer, have the two coolest kids I could possibly imagine, and find myself attending a concert now and again.

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