The Twisted Mist is Ready!

Normally I try not to be the sucker for the clearance item, but I was over at the hombebrew store a couple of months ago and I couldn’t help but notice that the Twisted Mist Margarita Lime was on sale for half off. By the time any fermentable gets to the point that it’s cheaper than ingredients for a batch of homebrew and as easy and delicious as most of the Wine Expert kits, I’m in.

I bought the kit, and brewing the Twisted Mist is actually well documented by Mim over at It’s New and Different. Well, several weeks of fermentation and clarification later and, voila, it’s time to take what had appeared to be an ordinary wine kit and give it a tasty margarita zing before storing it in the bottles that will probably end up going to everyone on my Christmas list.

A quick gravity check showed that the final gravity on this brew was 0.994, a decent bit less dense than water, even. This was quite a bit lower than last time, so I went over to the Alcohol By Volume Calculator to check. The Twisted Mist finished at just over 14% ABV. Wow. And with well over 6 gallons in the batch, I am looking forward to sharing with all my friends.

Twisted Mist F-Pack Addition

The fun part was adding the flavoring, a gooey, syrupy, blend of what appeared to be invert sugar and margarita flavor that was thicker than cold molasses. After getting both of the “F-packs” in the carboy, it becomes a simple matter of stirring and bottling. Initial tastings have been great, sweet and yet simple, an awful lot like a wine powered margarita. We’ll really know the answer once I can confirm whether or not the advice of the guy at the brew store was right. He told me “Fill the bottles a little low; then you can stick them in the freezer and pour a slushy drink right out of the bottle into the glass.”

That all sounds tasty to the Nutty Brewer. I hope you have some delicious mystery beverages for your friends during the holiday season as well.

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